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Ferroluce is a Friulian company specialized in the production of ceramic lamps made and hand decorated by skilled craftsmen. Like true works of art, each Ferroluce lamp is unique and original. Since 1982, this renowned brand has based its evolution on craftsmanship, offering refined and rigorously hand-made lighting fixtures in every phase of creation.

These products are the result of love and respect for tradition and for the material: simplicity, ancient values, the taste of a past time that still belongs to us and that they want to perpetuate by recreating in each home a unique atmosphere in style and elegance.

The production takes place exclusively in Italy and each item is the union between Harmony of shapes and the search for ever new chromatic alchemy, each item thus stands out from the monotony of mass-produced products, acquiring a unique personality. This is why Ferroluce caters to the most demanding customers, who are not only looking for the right solution in terms of rustic furniture, but who above all want to find a competent company capable of customizing each item in terms of shapes, sizes, decorations and colors. Today Ferroluce, thanks to the support of its children, is a modern, young and dynamic company which, thanks to the lessons acquired, wants to make itself known more and more on the international market.