CRYSTAL LAMPS: online catalog and discounted prices

Crystal Lamps

Online catalog at discounted prices

Crystal lamps are characterized by their particular construction, mainly with crystal pendants or diffusers. The crystal used for this specific type of lamp can be used for the central diffuser but also to enrich the supporting structures of the lighting bodies with precious pendants.

Generally, crystal glass is made with a percentage of lead equal to 30%, in this way you will obtain a superior brilliance, giving the crystal lamps the peculiarity of shining even when the light is off and to create bewitching plays of light that will give the whole style environment and aesthetic personality.

In this section you can discover an accurate selection of crystal lamps, for sale at discounted prices. Here you can choose suspensions, wall lights, ceiling lights, table and floor lamps, all strictly with crystal diffusers and pendants. We also remind you that each lamp on sale in this section includes our special 3-year warranty in the price and that many of the lighting fixtures offered are shipped without any shipping costs.

We invite you to browse the pages to choose and buy your lamps from the comfort of your PC. Discover the simplicity, safety and convenience of buying online from our e-commerce.