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SIKREA Glem 60/B 2369 Modern Chandelier LED Black Coffee
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SIKREA Glem 60 / C 2369. Modern LED Black Coffee chandelier Modern chandelier with a contemporary design, composed of a circular diffuser woven in aluminum, Black Coffee finish. Anti-glare satin acrylic diffusers. Integrated LED light source. Adjustable drop from the ceiling. 1 x 60w power LED light.Light source:60w power LED light - integrated - 220 / 240v - not dimmableTotal consumption: 60w - Development in light: 550wLumens emitted during operation: 5982lmCRI: 83Color temperature: 3000KLED included. Measurements:  60 cm x 60 cm x 45 cm Drop from the ceiling: from 45cm to 90cm Product features:Modern chandelier with a current design, composed of a circular diffuser woven in aluminum, Black CoffeeAnti-glare satin acrylic diffusers.Protection degree: IP20Diffusion lighting.CE mark.Manufacturer's Comments:Light is an essential element of life: shapes, colors, sensations and emotions are natural consequences. Through its objects, Sikrea wants to produce a light that integrates with balance in the environment in which we live, that becomes a non-invasive but complementary part of it and is able to arouse the sensations and emotions necessary for perfect harmony with what surrounds us. . For this reason, in Sikrea, attention is always paid to the sensitivity of those who draw a shape, to the constant interpretation of the evolution of life models, to the renewal of technology and production capabilities but always and above all to the best harmony between man and the environment.Sikrea products are born from simple but always living elements, iron and glass where expert hands of skilled artisans with wisdom and love for their work are able to give shapes and dimensions so that a true object of art develops in the set of things. .Design: Sikrea

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